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Tonight Jared and I went to Tortilla Coast for dinner with friends before a Nationals game. In terms of tex-mex food, this place was fairly inexpensive and tasty. I had “Lucy’s Plate” (appropriate, considering my obsession with Lucille Ball), which had a chicken flauta, soft chicken taco, and crispy guacamole tostada. The best part was the cheese queso sauce that came with it – a great combination of creamy and spicy to complement not only my meal but also the basket of free tortilla chips our waiter kept replenishing for us. Jared had the chicken caesar wrap – not exactly fitting with the restaurant’s theme – but he said it passed the test 🙂

On another note, I had Dippin’ Dots ice cream at the ball game tonight (cookies and cream flavor). Although it hit the spot on what turned out to be a muggy evening, it didn’t have the same appeal it had when I was a kid…I guess the phenomenon has lost some of its magic for me. That, and a very small serving cost five bucks! 🙂

Tortilla Coast is located across the street from the Capitol South metro station in Washington DC.


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