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Anyone who knows me is well aware of my love for the cooking competition Top Chef on Bravo. I’ve been a faithful fan for the past two seasons, and I still love watching the reruns – the challenges they give the contestants are exciting, well thought out, and give a new perspective on the obstacles chefs face daily in the restaurant business.

Although I wanted Richard to be the ultimate winner of the competition, one of my favorite chefs on this season was Spike. Yes, he had an attitude, but he was fun to watch and made interesting dishes, often a fusion of Asian-inspired and American-style ingredients. Imagine my excitement when I learned Spike was opening a restaurant in DC!

Good Stuff Eatery has been a hit since the moment its doors opened to the public. Often the lines run out the door and down the street – everyone seems to want to try it! When Jared and I were finally able to visit a few weeks ago, we weren’t disappointed. We only waited in line about half an hour, and the food was fantastic! I had “Colletti’s Smokehouse,” a hamburger with chipotle barbeque sauce, applewood-smoked bacon, onion rings, and cheddar cheese. Jared had the “Spike’s 5-Napkin,” an oddly delicious burger with maple bacon, cheddar cheese, and a fried egg on top. Spike wasn’t kidding when he said the burger required a lot of napkins! We also tried the “village fries” – topped with fresh rosemary and thyme – and tasted our friends’ onion rings, which were lightly fried but not greasy. We didn’t get a chance to try the shakes, but rumor has it they’re just as impressive as the rest of the food. Another perk was the unusual mayonnaise combinations provided along with the standard ketchup and mustard: sriracha, Old Bay, mango,

The best part about the experience was the fact that Spike works behind the counter! He was there, flipping burgers and interacting with customers. It was exciting to see him up close and personal!

I look forward to going back to try different dishes, including the wedge salad with homemade cornbread, the Milky Way shake, the “Good Stuff Melt” (with Muenster cheese and carmelized onions), and the “Vegetarians are People Too ‘Shroom Burger” (portobello mushroom tops stuffed with cheese and flash fried). A friend of mine loves Good Stuff so much, he started a blog dedicated to it!

Good Stuff Eatery is located on Capitol Hill, at Pennsylvania Avenue and 3rd St. SE. Prices range from 6-9 dollars per burger. Click here for a recent review from the food section of The Washington Post.

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